How To Visit Rooms In PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Tuber Simulator How To Visit Rooms

Tuber Simulator How To Visit RoomsSome people think it is all about the videos when it comes to success in PewDiePie’s Tuber simulator. The aim of the game, after all, is to produce the best YouTube videos and gain viewers to progress through the game. The truth is that this is just one part of the game. Your room is what will make or break you as a successful player in this game. Rooms are an expression of personality and success, a place to showcase how far you have come and the items you have gained. Many users spend hours perfecting a theme to impress visitors. This brings up an important question for newcomers in this Tuber simulator: how to visit rooms.

Why bother?

This is an understandable question for those that aren’t so keen on the “social” aspects of these games. However, there are benefits to staying connected and visiting rooms. Besides, there will be times when it comes up as a quest. There is no point spending so much time on a room if others cannot see it. We need visitors to enjoy our creations and send us gifts. This is a vital part of the game, so it is important that we all visit each others rooms often. Give some love and visit other users and you will be rewarded. It’s called videogame karma, don’t mess with it.

So, how do you do it?

The first place to start is by heading to your friend’s list and clicking on the person you want to visit. This friend’s list is in the Connect With Friends section. This is a simple portal between you and the legions of like-minded players in your list. If you are reading this thinking “what friends list?”, go and check out our article on Tuber Simulator Friends, build up a nice list of helpers and then come back.

Tuber Simulator How to Visit Rooms 2

If you have a strong friends list, you will have plenty of opportunities to visit other people’s rooms and see what they are up to. It is up to you which users you visit and when, perhaps you have a good relationship with certain players that are a little more generous. Perhaps you want to see how a player is progressing with an interesting theme. Perhaps you simply want proof that a player finally managed to get Compy the Little Dinosaur. (Again, if you are scratching your head at what that means, go back and read up on this cute pet).

Now, while this sounds pretty simplistic, there is a problem that many players have experienced.

There is a reason why there are so many people typing “tuber simulator how to visit rooms” into search engines, even if they have the friends list they need. There was an issue in the game at one point where this feature was locked for certain players. There is a chance that this has occurred again, so just wait it out and it should fix itself. There is also the chance that server issues and player traffic may cause some issues. Again, be patient.

The issue of how to visit rooms in tuber simulator may seem like a terrible problem to those experiencing error messages. However, the problem is easily fixed and it doesn’t take much effort to access player rooms once the feature is unlocked. Build up your friends list, connect with them regularly and reap the rewards.

Video – Our simple video here shows you how to visit friends rooms.