How to get Maya and Edgar in Tuber Simulator

How to get Maya and Edgar in Tuber Simulator

How to get Maya and Edgar in Tuber SimulatorThere are lots of different categories and themes within PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator game. One that is particularly appealing to many players is the Animals category. Cat videos are the lifeblood of YouTube, and an animal-themed Tuber video can work wonders for building viewer counts. There are lots of different animals to unlock in the game across the levels. Two that are of particular interest to players are the two pugs – Maya and Edgar.

How to get Maya and Edgar in Tuber Simulator

So, you will have seen that there is a quest that everyone receives prompting you to unlock Maya and Edgar for your room. That is probably why many of you are here. Perhaps you are wondering why neither animal seems to be available right now. Perhaps you are simply wondering who they are and why you should bother.

To begin with, although these two little dogs are listed as a pair like this, you cannot get them both at the same time unless you level up really quickly. Edgar unlocks at level 18, so he may have to wait a little while for his female friend to show up. Maya is unlocked at level 19 for 2.64 million views. Both can be found under the Animal category, just like Compy and all the other inhabitants of your little menagerie. Unlike some of the other types of animals, these two are one-offs. Once you have your own little version of Edgar and Maya, that’s it. You can’t create some disturbing Pug Army to wreak havoc on other Tubers.

Here is a simple video to demonstrate getting Maya and Edgar;

Why bother?

Well, there are two simple answers here. First of all, the more animals you have, the better the chance at creating great animal-based videos for your Tuber channel. The better the videos, the better the chance at gaining viewers and levelling up. There are lots of animals out there to get, each with their own appeal. However, Edgar and Maya are different because of reason number two: they are the true stars of the entire franchise.

If you think that Edgar and Maya look a little familiar, you are not mistaken.

By now, you should have gotten to grips with the Puggle Mini Game within the Tuber Simulator. It is the cute little Peggle-style game where you bounce little pugs through the board to try and land them in a bowl of dogfood. It is a great way to get bonuses on viewer counts and other items to help you level up faster. Those Pugs heroically taking the plunge and depicted on the boards are Maya and Edgar.

We shouldn’t really make fun of Edgar and Maya too much – they are actually real dogs. These cute(ish) little video game characters are based on PewDiePie’s real pet dogs. Maya only has one eye in real life too, she isn’t winking in the animations. In many ways, this is the ultimate tribute to these two dogs, to be immortalised in Tuber rooms around the globe. It really isn’t too hard to figure out how to get Maya and Edgar in Tuber Simulator and they really are a helpful addition to the gang.