How To Get More Bux In Tuber Simulator

How To Get More Bux In Tuber Simulator

How To Get More Bux In Tuber SimulatorNothing in the world of online gaming creates such a strong love/hate relationship as premium currency. We love these shiny coins/dollars/donuts/bux because they provide us with new opportunities and premium content. We also hate them because they are so difficult to get and the exchange rate doesn’t always seem that fair. Bux are an important part of PewDiePie Tuber Simulator and many players find themselves craving more. So, we need to learn how to get more Bux in Tuber Simulator.

The Slow Grind

The best solution here for those that want a cheap and straightforward approach to gaining Bux is simply to grind away at the game and earn the rewards as they come. Small consistent efforts and daily play provide little bonuses that eventually add up. The daily reward for playing each day is a good place to start. All you need to do is log in and you can gain a little something.

Then there are the rewards for levelling up. Every new level in Tuber Simulator is heralded with a fanfare and a bonus prize. Don’t forget that there are different ways to achieve this, as there are different levels on each genre and multiple character levels. Therefore, we can’t overlook our humour videos and the look of our character and just focus on those animal themes.

On the subject of animals, don’t forget that we can also call on some of the animal friends in Tuber Simulator for a helping hand. There are Bux up for grabs in the Puggle game, for some of the more skilled and frequent players. Also, many players have reported gaining a couple of Bux by tapping on the eagle as it brings other items.

The Quick Fix

Of course, there is an alternative for those that are short on Bux and need some in a hurry – buy them. This is a last resort for many players that don’t want to hand over real money in the game. Some stand by the fact that this is meant to be free entertainment, and others don’t want to slip into bad spending habits with mobile gaming. Look at this as a last resort when the slow grind really is too slow.

The Cheats Way Out

Then there are those that claim to be able to cheat the system by tricking it into providing more Bux than it should. For example, many claim that if you manually change the date on the game, it will keep providing more daily rewards – as it has no real sense of time. The problem here is that many find this too difficult due to technical flaws and connection issues.  You could probably play Puggle and finish some quests in the time it takes to figure it out. Also, Outerminds (the games creators) are on to people trying to cheat the game – you could well find your account suspended for trying to “game the system”.

In the end, it is up to you which path you take when deciding how to get more Bux in Tuber Simulator. You can try some of the cheats, open up your wallet or go for the slow grind. The latter may end up being easier and more rewarding in the long run. Pay attention to your levels, stick with Puggle, tap the eagle and work through those quests.