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PewDiePie is an internet celebrity and has over 13.5 billion total video views on YouTube. Combine that with nearly 49 million YouTube subscribers and this is one popular guy.

PewDiePie made his fame on YouTube mostly by videoing himself reviewing the latest games. His videos involve walk throughs of games and he has been noted for his sense of humor. In his early years he mostly played horror and action games.

Tuber Simulator is a game that mimics PewDiePie’s career and creates an environment for everyone to compete and become a YouTube sensation. Through various game plays the game’s purpose is to earn more than¬†PewDiePie’s 49 million YouTube subscribers.

The purpose of our website is to gather as much information as we can on the game to have it in one handy repository for those looking to learn about the game. We’re also mindful that parents who are not tech-savvy maybe looking for information on the game so they are aware of what their children are playing.

Whilst we have made every attempt to be as accurate as possible with our facts, sometimes we make mistakes and for that, please forgive us. Should you find a mistake on our site, please feel free to contact us to let us know. Likewise, if you have any comments, suggestions and criticisms, please drop us a note.

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator - About Us


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