How To Get Compy The Little Dinosaur

Compy The Little Dinosaur

Compy The Little DinosaurCompy the Little Dinosaur is quite the prized pet in the PewDiePie Tuber Simulator game. Imagine if Yoshi, from the Mario universe, had a love-child with one of the velocirapters from Jurassic Park. While that would surely end badly for poor Yoshi, it would give us something that looks a little bit like Compy. He is a cute pet that hatches from an egg but looks like he may have a vicious side. In reality, Compy is actually a baby Compsognathus. Natural history lessons aside, there is one question on the lips of most players. How are we supposed to get him? There are lots of hysterical comments on blogs and Facebook pages from users who want their own Compy but can’t find him. This is where this brief guide on how to get Compy the Little Dinosaur comes in.

For Beginners

First of all, if you are just starting out, and are upset because one of your friends has a tiny dinosaur running around the carpet of their stylish new room; don’t worry. Compy only becomes available for purchase from Level 8. If you are not at that point yet, just work on leveling up and your chance will come.

When You’ve Been Playing for a While

Surely you just wait for the big green spotted egg to hatch, right? Well, no, that is a road to disappointment.

The big green egg is where most players are going wrong. This news will come as something of a relief to those that have spent far too many hours staring at the big egg in the room that just wont hatch! It is not a glitch in the game. There is an easier way to get hold of Compy. This is a sneaky red herring at the start of Level 7. Was it deliberate? Probably. There are some people online that are upset that they spent 49,000 views on a giant egg that doesn’t do anything. It still looks good in a science theme, so there is that at least.

How to get Compy the Little Dinosaur for your room – For Real

If you keep scrolling down the menus under either science or pets categories, you should find a blacked out purchasing option with the shape of a dinosaur and a level 8 sign. That’s him. When the time does come, you need to be aware that Compy doesn’t come cheap. He currently costs 91,700 views. This means that once that quest prompt appears and you are a few days away from leveling up, it is best to save up. On arrival Compy brings you 2.45k level points – and of course all those hours of joy of watching him running around your room. He also takes nearly 3 hours to unlock. Only then can the quest can be completed.

Is He Worth It?

Of course he is. He is a valuable collectible, a great companion and something to brag about for reaching level 8. Also, let’s be honest here, he’s cuter than Puggle. There is a strange sense of relief when he finally appears and you can tell your friends that you have one too. Keep working on that viewer total and he will soon be yours.