How to Get Snappie in Tuber Simulator

Snappie the Pink Squid

Snappie the Pink SquidAnimals are a big part of the PewDiePie Tuber Simulator game. If we are not spending our time creating the perfect animal videos for higher viewer counts, we are collecting them as pets and aides or creating animal-themed rooms. Some animals are more intriguing than others, such as Snappie, and many players are keen to know how to get Snappie in Tuber Simulator.

In this post we take a look at the purpose of this character, how to get snappie in tuber simulator, where you find her (yes, it is a girl), and some of the issues that players have experienced.

So what is the point of this cute little squid?

The clue is in the name with Snappie the Pink Squid. Not in the squid part, that makes about as much sense as having Compy the Little Dinosaur running around your room. Snappie refers to the ability to take pictures. Snappie is in fact a camera squid (just roll with the idea). This genius little cephalopod will take photos of your room in its current state so you can show off new acquisitions, collections and proof of leveling up. The theory here is great. Players level up, get a new companion and reap the rewards. The problem is that it is easier said than done for many.

How to get Snappie in Tuber Simulator

We all know that the trigger-happy squid is out there. On the odd occasion, she may even pop up on screen. The problem comes in actually keeping hold of her and using her talents when we want them. There are two important considerations here.

First there is the method of obtaining her and making her part of your Tuber Simulation set-up. This part is pretty easy, although you may have to wait a little while if you are new to the game. Snappie only appears for purchase at level 21. At this point, she can be a permanent aide – if you have 4 million views to spare. She’s not cheap so make sure that you have saved up plenty of views when you know that you are getting close to leveling up.

The second consideration is the little annoyance that trips many players up. Snappie will only turn up on screen and take photographs when the device is set to landscape rather than portrait. This means that there will be some players with their screen rotation locked into portrait mode that perhaps never knew that Snappie existed. Take the lock off, play the game in the landscape configuration and she will come out to play.

Is Snappie really worth the effort?

It may seem a bit fiddly and expensive to get Snappie, which will lead some players to question whether it is really worthwhile. She is not going to revolutionize your PewDiePie Tuber Simulator game play in any sort of drastic way, but she does add a fun element. You need photographic evidence that you have progressed through the game, and this feature allows you to share images with friends and competitors. In the end, Snappie is about as useful as Compy in terms of rewards, but she is still a cute, desirable addition to the team.