What Are Tuber Simulator Friends And Are They Worth Having?

Tuber Simulator Friends

Tuber Simulator FriendsIf you have been looking for information on the net about PewDiePie Tuber Simulator, perhaps simply browsing around for tips and tricks on leveling up, you are sure to have noticed something. There are many fan sites with a clear focus on Tuber Simulator Friends lists and connecting players. This won’t be a surprise to anyone that has been scrolling through guides and spotted endless comments at the bottom along the lines of; “Add me!! My name is [insert random username here]”. It seems that everyone that plays this game wants to be friends with everyone else, and as many people as possible, but why?

Pretty much all games have a social element these days. And this is where your Tuber Simulator friends come into the equation.

Adding friends offers the chance to visit other rooms and connect with other players. The most obvious benefit here is the opportunity for gifts, with items that will help you progress. A friends list also gives you the chance to see how others are playing the game. Some will be utterly terrible at setting up a theme or gaining viewers, and you can get a good laugh from them. Others will be frustratingly good and a source of inspiration if you are struggling to level up. The great thing about the room designs is that everyone expresses themselves differently. It is a window into the psyche: one that you may not be able to un-see in some cases.

Also, remember that there is a good chance that there will be quests asking you to visit other rooms for rewards. This is a simple way to progress in the game, but only if you have enough people on your friends list.

So how do we compile this helpful list of Tuber Simulator friends?

See the icon with the handshake and the “connect with friends” caption? Here you can add friends to your heart’s content. You do need to log in via the game center to access the features and other rooms, but this is nothing new.

The issue for some comes in finding new Tuber Simulator friends. It is a great idea to have a list full of players visiting your room and helping you along with quests and viewer counts, but what if nobody you know is playing the game? It all depends of whether you want your Tuber friends to be “real” friends or just random people.

Randoms are keen to help and can be added by accessing names on blogs, social media pages and comments sections. The most desperate, I mean the most keen people will make themselves heard with Caps Lock-infused messages. Alternatively, you could just type in random words in the search setting and see who pops up. The other great thing about random Tuber friends is that you could have helpers in China or Australia leaving gifts in the night for you to wake up to – like some modern day tooth fairy.

These Tuber Simulator friends may sound a little crazy at first, but you will soon find that they are a helpful resource for design ideas, helpful items and quest progression. Compile a list of names, enjoy this online “relationship” and reap the rewards.