Room Ideas To Expand Your Office Space And Viewer Count

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Room Ideas

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Room IdeasEvery good video game needs to be centered in some sort of world. The Legend of Zelda would be nothing without the vast land of Hyrule to explore in all its cinematic glory. Grand Theft Auto games are as much about the realistic city layouts and streets as the missions. Then there is the PewDiePie Tuber Simulator.

Yes, this is a virtual game about creating virtual videos for invisible views, likes and everything else. However, every YouTube star needs an office of some kind where they can set up their computer, work away at their submissions and feel as though they are being productive with their time.

Rooms are a big part of the game play and the best PewDiePie Tuber Simulator room ideas pay off.

The Basic Room

We start in a room that is small, dingy and depressing. In fact, it is quite impressive the lengths that the game designers went to in order to make your starting point feel utterly depressing. Your desk is a cardboard box, the floor and walls are dull and bare and we don’t want to know what all the stains are from. The only option to make the set-up more appealing is to upgrade with some home improvements. Bring in better furniture, carpeting and posters for the walls. The further you progress with the game, the more options you will uncover. It pays to tap away sand see what can be manipulated to create an individual space.

It really is worth saving up your Bux and coming up with a great design that will impress other players. The great thing about the gameplay is that it is so open to customization and exploration that there are few constraints on how you can add some personality to the room.

So what is the best strategy for creating knockout PewDiePie Tuber Simulator room ideas?

Opinion is split on the best designs. There are cute room with potted plants and a cosy vibe, extreme executive office spaces and some that look like a Satanist’s bedroom. The important thing here is that they all followed a theme and used some creativity. Individuality is a must because you don’t want visiting players thinking that you copied someone else. At the same time, extreme schemes that are incoherent aren’t that appealing either. That is why a theme works so well. Players will be impressed with your commitment to a style and your ability to work towards all the right elements. A strong sports theme, based on your sporty videos, will see you edge closer to specialist items and level up fast.

With a theme in place, the only way is up.

Once you have a storage box full of appropriate items and upgrades, but nowhere to put them, then it is time to buy the vacant unit next door and expand your empire. Above all, shop wisely when creating these brilliant PewDiePie room concepts. There is a temptation to spend lots of Bux and Brains on pretty things of no value. Think of a design, stick with it and reap the rewards with a higher viewer count.

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