PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Cheats & Tips

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Cheats

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator CheatsGame cheats have been around almost since computer games were invented and Tuber Simulator is no different. Here are some PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Cheats & Tips. You need to be warned though: some developers will ban you from their game for even attempting to cheat on their game. Take these cheats at your own risk as we have seen evidence of Outerminds banning accounts for players who have tried to use cheats. These were known at time of writing and can quite possibly change in future versions.

Cheat: Run the Clock Forward Trick

This cheat is known to developers and they have warned that they may ban you from the game if caught. Disable your phone from getting time updates from the internet. Start a video then exit the game and run your clock forward on your phone more than 1 hour. Re-open the game to find your video completed with earnt subscribers. Saves you waiting the hour.

Cheat: The Sponsor Eagle

The Sponsor Eagle will deliver some bonus boxes every 10 minutes or so. However, this little trick can get the Sponsor Eagle to fly around as quick as 10 seconds. Get a shipment on the way so you have access to the Puggle Mini Game. Whilst waiting for the shipment, you should have the eagle fly around – once it does quickly open the bonus and then click on Back to Room. Open the Puggle game and then close it to go back to your room again. This should bring out another eagle for you in which you can get another bonus. Repeat as many times as you want.

Tip: Log In Each Day

Not a cheat but a tip: log in to the game at least once a day – you’ll earn free money and it only takes a couple of seconds.

Tip: Watch the Ads

Again, not a cheat but a tip: watch some ads. You’ll only be bored for a few moments of your time but you can get a 2x booster that will speed up shipment deliveries or that will make videos faster. It’s possible to get free subscribers and views for watching the ads as well.

Tip: Trending Topics

Make your video about whatever topic is trending at the time. This will help your video get more subscribers quicker.

Tip: Complete Daily Quests

Every day you will have new quests to do – don’t ignore them as completing quests will earn you bux, brains, views and subscribers.

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