What are Tuber Simulator Subscriber Rewards?

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Subscriber Rewards

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Subscriber Rewards

Ask players of PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator what the main purpose of the game is and you may get a few different answers. For some it is all about earning bux with the best viral videos. For others it is about creating the weirdest, most interesting rooms with strange objects, decorations and pets. However, there is that overarching “simulator” element that tries to copy the experience of the YouTube master. Excluding the weird Plinko board with the pugs of course, few Tubers have one of those in their living room. There are some neat little touches in the game that mirror real-life. One of the most satisfying is the use of Tuber Simulator subscriber rewards for reaching a certain level.

What are these Tuber Simulator subscriber rewards and how realistic are they?

Back in December, Outerminds – the company responsible for bringing the game to life – sent out a tweet. “Subs and Ranking rewards coming soon! @PewDiePie #TuberSimulator”. Accompanying this was a screenshot of a room with an impressive array of trophies and three new awards in the room. The first two are easy to spot as they hang on the wall in frames, the third sits proudly on the desk. Naturally, fans were enthusiastic in their response. Some were thrilled that they would finally be recognised for their efforts in gaining subscribers, others were concerned that they would have to start from scratch. Most found that the process was straightforward. On hitting 100,000 subscribers, they got the message “sub reward unlocked” and a special delivery of the silver award. This continued with the other subscriber rewards.

If the rewards look familiar, that is because they are based upon the real life subscriber rewards that YouTube hand out to real YouTube stars – like PewDiePie himself. These physical rewards are just the same for precisely the same number of subscribers. YouTubers get the silver plaque for 100,000, gold for 1 million and a diamond trophy for 10 million that looks a lot like the one in the game. In real life they are called YouTube’s Play Buttons. Although the simulator ones are replicas, they may not get away with using the term themselves. These subscriber rewards really do look a lot like the real thing. Sure they don’t have the monetary value or sense of quality of the real thing when reduced to pixelated design. But, the real things aren’t delivered by eagle, so there is that bonus.

As with many things in this game, these Tuber Simulator subscriber rewards are not as straightforward as that.

There are two final points to consider here with this new reward system. On the negative side, while many players work through the ranks and earn their subscription rating through clever game play, others cheat the system to breeze on up past 20 million or more. This takes some of the value and fun out of it. On the positive side, there is one more reward out there that isn’t seen in that teaser tweet. Work hard enough to get up to 50 million subscribers and there will be a ruby award coming your way.