Which Side Will You Choose With The PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Pirates vs Ninja Update?

PewDiePIe Tuber Simulator Pirates vs Ninjas Update

PewDiePIe Tuber Simulator Pirates vs Ninjas UpdateLimited time events are always fun in mobile games and this is definitely true of the new PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Pirates vs Ninjas update. The game starts by bringing an old age question back into the limelight – ninja or pirate? Well it can be both, if you want both. This is a 2 week event where players have the chance to buy items from two new packs – one pirate, one ninja. Beware they’re expensive – each pack is 450 bux, but they are full of items. There is a lot going on here with new items, music, and quests for mercenaries. There is also the upgrade of a 400% boost on viewer counts and the lap cap has been raised to 65.

So, as with any good Tuber Simulator update, it is all about the items to buy.

First of all, this is what we all want to know – what cool new items can we spend our money on with these new packs? Starting with the Pirate Pack, mainly cos its first on the screen, there are lots of fun items that can be used all around the room for a nautical theme. It is sure to make you look richer and scarier than you really are. This pack includes piles of treasure and loot, pirate flags, maps, a mermaid and even a parrot.

There is a competition brewing here on which pack has the most disturbing, menacing items. On the pirate side there is the caged captive (a mutinous Tuber?), but on the ninja side there are plenty of weapons. There is a case of lethal implements and a rack of Katana swords. This is all nicely balanced out with some of the zen, Japanese inspired items like the artwork, bamboo and Bonzi trees. Finally, don’t forget that you can actually have a real-life ninja or pirate as well.

Then there is the option of customization.

When choosing a side in this PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Pirates vs Ninjas update, there is also the chance to go further with the theme. There are new elements for the room, such as desks, chairs, keyboards and microphones. There are also new items to wear. In addition to the fancy dress costumes there are eye patches and neat contact lenses to turn your eyes red or white. The only downside here is that there doesn’t seem to be any new walls or backgrounds. Although, there is the option of water for the very first time.

Finally, this update brings something very interesting in the form of the Pixeldust machine.

Pixeldust is a whole new currency created by crushing and shredding unwanted items up. Think of it as a spring clean of your inventory with some beneficial recycling thrown in. Go to your inventory, box up a ton of items get your reward. There is a bit of a Schrodinger situation here if you have any animals in the inventory you don’t want running around. If the cat goes into the box and you put it in the shredder, is it alive or dead? Very dead and about to be pixel dust. The pixeldust can then be turned into pixelcubes, which can then be spent on new items. Convoluted? Maybe. Satisfying? Yes!

Check out our video on the new update to see this machine in action and some of the cool new features.